Don't Purchase a Yacht or Fishing Boat!
Get into one for a fraction of the price with BoatMember!

All the fun of boat ownership without the high cost!
BoatMember gives you the joy of owning a boat without all the headaches and high costs. Brand new luxury yachts and fishing boats with full service membership!
Don't pay for time you won't use the boat!
Choose how much time you want to spend on the boat! Whether it's 1 week, 4 weeks or 8 weeks, it's your choice and you own that time every year! Since the cost is only a fraction of the full price, you can enjoy a much larger boat than you thought! You can even get into multiple boats for less than the purchase price one a single boat! It's really a no brainer!
According to the United States Coast Guard (
The average yearly boating usage for individual boat owners is only 19 Days Per Year. Which means, for the remaining 345 days, your boat you just paid all that money for is just sitting around costing you a lot of money!

With BoatMember you only pay for the time you want to use the boat each year. You won't pay for wasted time and upkeep for having the boat sit around! You get all the enjoyment and no worries!
We handle all maintenance, clean up and regulations!
You get none of the headaches of owning since we take care of all the boat maintenance, boat cleaning, dock slips, boat insurance and boat taxes. You get to have all the enjoyment of a boat without all the extra costs and hassles.

The Advantage!

Get into that Yacht or Fishing Boat you always wanted for LESS than you thought possible!
Let's face it, boats are expensive. between the cost of purchasing and all the other fees that go with it, you will be spending quite a bit of money! Most people don't use a boat often enough to make it worth a full purchase. Since you are only acquiring time on the boat, your initial and monthly costs are significantly less than purchasing your own boat! So much less, that you could get into multiple boats for less than the cost of purchasing one yourself!
Becoming a BoatMember is very simple!
You choose the boat you want and select how many weeks you want to secure the boat for each year. You just pay your initial fee for how many weeks you chose, which is substantially less than purchasing a boat! Then, pay your monthly membership fees, which are a fraction of boat ownership monthly fees! It's that easy!
Pay Once, Use Every Year!
Your initial charge is based on how many weeks you select to use the boat each year. This is a one time charge and will not be charged again. The time you paid for is yours each year and every year until your membership with that boat ends. If you paid for 3 weeks, you get 3 weeks each and every year! The only charges after your intital payment are your Monthly Membership Fees! Your initial payment and Monthly Membership Fees are only a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining a boat on your own!
Book your days with Our Online Booking Calendar!
Use our online booking calendar to choose which dates you want the boat! Select the extra amenities you wish to bring on your day! We will have your boat ready to go when your day arrives!
All our Luxury Yachts and Fishing Boats are Brand New Built for us!
Why buy a used boat when you can get into a BRAND NEW BOAT for less money! We offer all types and sizes of Luxury Yachts and Fishing Boats for you to choose from! If there is a particular boat you want, just let us know and we will work on getting it available!
You only pay for how many days you want to use the boat!
Why pay full price to purchase a boat and have it sit around most of the year? Simply pay for how many days a year you want to use it and save!
The time you purchase on a boat is an asset!
You can choose from 1 WEEK up to 2 MONTHS (8 weeks) worth of time for any boat we offer! That time that you choose is your time, you own that amount of time each year to use tha boat! This means **your purchased time can be sold back to us or used towards a new boat!
Monthly Membership Fees take care of all upkeep and maintenance.
Your Membership Fees are a fraction of normal monthly and regular costs associated with owning a boat.
We take care of maintaning the boats
  • Cleaning after each usage
  • Docking and storage of the boat
  • Insurance on the boat
  • Yearly taxes
  • Boat licensing
  • Hull painting and maintenance
  • Regular and yearly mechanical maintenance
  • Service fees
** Days purchased can be sold back or used towards a new boat. Days purchase price depreciates each year, just as a boat does.
To learning more about how we can save you money or how our program works, fill out your contact information and we will be happy to assist you!

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