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Boating is one of the most exciting and relaxing activities to engage in. Nothing quite equals a day spent out at sea simply exploring nature. There are numerous fun activities to engage in while boating. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then water sports are definitely the way to go for you. Activities like fishing, tubing, snorkeling, and jet skiing are bound to satisfy even the most adventurous of souls.

BoatMember Memberships have added Privileges!

We're including extra membership benefits to all our members!

There are very few things more enjoyable than a day out cruising the sea in a luxury yacht. Exploring the coast, finding beautiful coves to lay anchor and bask in the sun. But sometimes you want a little more excitement and want to have some fun! How about some water toys to get your blood pumping! Jump on a WaverRunner and let loose or Take a Dinghy out to cruise the cove and get to a secluded beach! How about launching up in the air in a Water Jet pack, Hoverboard or Flyride Watercraft? As a BoatMember you can! With select yachts, our members can take out their choice of watercrafts for the day! All included with your membership!
  • Avon or William Dinghy
  • Yamaha Waverunner
  • Flyride Watercraft
  • Jetpack Watercraft
  • Hoverboard Watercraft
  • Flyboard Watercraft
  • Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle Board
When you're looking to head out for a day of fishing on the open water, you need to make sure you're prepared with the right equipment! Most fisherman have their favorite rods and reels ready to go. But for those that don't, BoatMember has you covered! With select Fishing Boats, our members will have available Top Of The Line, Deep Sea Rods and Reels! We've even included some of the essential accessories you may need for your fishing excursion. Such as Gaffs, Grips, Crimpers and so on... BoatMember want's you to get the most fun out of your New Fishing Boat!
  • KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel
  • KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel
  • Penn Squall LevelWind Reel
  • Penn Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed Trolling Fishing Reel
  • Penn Carnage II Boat Spinning Rods
  • Penn Carnage II Boat Casting Rods
  • Penn Ally Bent Butt Trolling Rods
  • Assorted Fishing Gear
Just because it's not your day for boat usage, doesn't mean you can't still have some fun in the sun! As a Bonus Membership Benefit, our members can take our watercafts out for the day to enjoy! Get some water fun in and take advantage of all of the benefits of becoming a BoatMember! Based on availability!
For all you Cigar Aficionados, get ready for an exclusive treat not available anywhere else! Our founder has been in the cigar industry for over 25 years and has direct connections with the top master cigar blenders of the most prestigious factories in the Dominican, Nicaruagua and Honduras! They have created some of the most amazing blends of cigars, exclusively for our members! Master blended with aged tobaccos to create a masterpiece that will fill your palate with deep rich flavors!
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