No, you pay once for how many weeks you want to use the boat each year. You get that amount of time each and every year but you are only charged for it once at the beginning of your membership. After your initial time payment, you will only be responsible for your monthly membership fees.
Your membership fees take care of all the regular and yearly maintenance, cleaning, docking, insuring, upkeep and taxes for the boat. You are responsible for a Captain fees, the fuel you use and any damages during your usage time, outside of normal wear and tear.
If you already have a captains license, you can add it to your file. If you are in a smaller boat (32 feet or less) , You will need one of our captains to sign off on your ability to captain the boat yourself.
No, we have captains available for BoatMember. We will assign you a captain for your boat time. If you already have a captain, you can have them be put on file with us and we will verify their license and abilities. If they pass, you can use them for your boat time.
Not at all, the boat time is yours. You can choose to keep the boat docked and spend time on it. Stay overnight in your boat and enjoy the nightlife around the area.
Once we have booked the available time on the boat, and the boat has been received, you will receive a message to begin booking your time on the online calendar. Some boats are still in the process of being built when we set them available for time purchase. Once the boat is received by us, we put them through a rigorous testing program to verify the boat is ready for use! Once it passes our testing, we notify all the members for that boat to begin booking your times for boat usage!
To learning more about how we can save you money or how our program works, fill out your contact information and we will be happy to assist you!

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